The "Korean Suppliers" service is a B2B corporate information service designed to find Korean suppliers with export capabilities.
We provide the largest number of verified Korean supplier information in the world.

Korean Suppliers
Updated on 07/19/2024
Updated on 07/19/2024
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Updated on 07/19/2024
  • Do you want to find Korean product suppliers in one place without having to search through multiple sites?
  • Are you frustrated by B2B platforms that lack a variety of Korean companies?
  • Have you struggled with general corporate data because there was no information about the company's capabilities (trade potential), their willingness to trade, or English information?
Korean Suppliers service solves the pain points of buyers sourcing Korean products at once.
  • With just one search, you can get not only general corporate information of Korean suppliers, but also credit, technology, performance, and activity information.
  • You can also search for information on the largest number of verified Korean suppliers and their export capabilities, more than anywhere else in the world.
  • Now, with the Korean Suppliers service, you can experience all the advantages of existing trade B2B platforms and company information services.
It is a hybrid B2B company information service that combines the advantages of the trade B2B platform and company information services operated by ECPlaza. This service provides information on all verified export suppliers in Korea and allows you to check the trade B2B platform information where these suppliers are active.
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Corporate Data Intelligence
A broad search approach through a search engine site is not enough to identify the specific Korean companies and products you are looking for. If information is not available in English, it can be difficult to find specific company details. Additionally, evaluating their export capabilities with just basic general information is difficult. The online trade-based platform "Korean Suppliers" makes it easy to find and compare companies.
We receive verified information on Korean suppliers from Korean credit rating companies and add reliability and activity information. For instance, we obtain and update the business status of all suppliers, including active, inactive, or closed status, from the Korean National Tax Service daily.
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Korean Suppliers Search Filter
Continuous database maintenance and updates
Have you ever experienced finding company information only to discover it was outdated and the company had since closed down? Or are you looking for the current status of a company you have dealt with in the past?
We check supplier activity information daily through the Korean National Tax Service. Additionally, we regularly update our database to enable detailed searches of Korean suppliers by category, company size, region, and sales.
Export capabilities can be assessed using five types of information for each Korean supplier: general information, credit information, technical information, performance information, and activity information. For example, activity information includes indicators such as the supplier’s participation in exhibitions and the B2B platforms they are listed on, which reflect the supplier's active status. Buyers can form a positive impression of suppliers through this activity information.
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You can check the detailed export capabilities of companies based on special certification badges.
  1. Third party Badge: These companies have had their export activities verified by third-party organizations (overseas customs company information, domestic credit rating company information).
  2. Korean Public Institution Certification Badge: This verification is primarily provided to companies confirmed through the National Tax Service. Additionally, we plan to provide information on companies that have obtained certifications for exports/products from other public institutions.
  3. Exhibition Certification Badge: Awarded to companies that participate in international exhibitions in Korea.
  4. Trade B2B Registration Badge: You can find activity information registered on major domestic and international B2B platforms without additional information investigation. (ECPlaza, Alibaba, Global sources, EC21, buykorea, tradekorea, gobizkorea)
Korean Suppliers Export Capacity
Korean Suppliers Badges
The latest Korean products can be identified through the exhibition items of Korean suppliers participating in major international exhibitions held in Korea. ECPlaza makes an effort to provide trendy information by visiting major exhibitions monthly or through partnerships with major exhibition organizers to obtain this information.
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We introduce companies that have participated in major exhibitions in Korea.
ECPlaza visits domestic exhibitions every month to provide the most up-to-date and verified information on active Korean suppliers. We also hold proxy attendance events for buyers to actively support business between Korean suppliers and buyers.
Get the opportunity to find new Korean business partners and learn about trends in Korean industries through the "Korean Suppliers" service.
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